Saturday, November 03, 2007

People Carriers - Britain to blame (2)

Right beside the Vauxhall "utility" in the October 1977 issue of 'Motor' is this rendering of a "multi-purpose vehicle, in family bed and breakfast guise based on the Chrysler Alpine."

It's billed as the work of the magazine's illustrator, Brian Hatton, in a feature of purely speculative renderings of cars the (mainly British) motor industry should be making, but probably never will.

Disregard the resemblance to a corbillard, and what we have is an inchoate Espace. Perhaps Mr. Hatton was brilliantly prescient and Chrysler's UK design studio saw the potential and ran with it.

The other possibility is that Chrysler were already developing the concept, and 'leaked' the idea to Motor to test reactions. Or am I being too cynical...

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