Saturday, November 03, 2007

And there's more...

In the same 1977 magazine, and in the same "Cars you won't see at Earls Court" article, the following from Motor's Midlands Editor, Philip Turner:

"Range Rover for the Masses*

Just think what a splendid car a junior Range Rover would be? Either as main family transport - for thanks to its shrinking it would no longer have that rather massive presence which makes the normal Range Rover a rather awkward shopping car - or as a second car to be used for all weekend and holiday activities. I know who's first in the queue for one. Me."

He only had to wait twenty years, but a few manufacturers other than Land-Rover had got there first...

*Reminds me of George Bishop's splendid comment on the Porsche 924:

"If this is a Porsche for the masses, then say a few masses for me."

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